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Improved local action plan for cormorant conflict mitigation, through BAP dissemination and participatory approach (informed decisions on shared data sets and information)

Organization of a workshop with the stakeholders to inform them of the output of the interviews and previous FRAP work, and to start the process of setting up a common data set of information. BAP present best practices were also presented that could help to "reconcile" the conflict at local level. Two were retained and public engagements on relevant funding planning were made.

The future workshop to be held under WP 11 is closely related to WP 6, 9 and WP 10. It will be based on 2 previous workshops, one restricted to the Public Bodies at a regional and local level, and the other with the local stakeholders. The next and final one will be at national level and with a wide audience and held within the frame of an international bird-watching fair.

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