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Adjuvant effects of TLRs-ligands with immunoregulatory activity

Unmethylated olygodesoxinucleotides, Imidazoquinolines-derived compounds (Resiquimod and Imiquimod) and modified adenines redirect in vitro the allergen-specific Th2 response by activating APC via TL9, TLR7/8 and TLR7 triggering respectively.

These signals induce the overproduction of endogeneous pro-inflammatory cytokines (namely IL-12 and IL-18). These factors, together with antigen, are able to switch in vitro the profile of polarized effector Th2 cells from allergic patients into IFN-gamma producing T cells. This represents a very easy assay to evaluate the plasticity of Th2 response of a given subject.

It is hypothesized that these compounds can be usefully associated to traditional specific immunotherapy or DNA vaccines for novel strategies of treatment of allergic disorders or Th2-oriented diseases. The in vitro assay as well the new formulations of vaccines can be disseminated as further R&D.

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