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Characterization of the effects of an antigen plasmid targeting antigen directly into the MHC class II compartment

We have generated a DNA vaccine which delivers the antigen directly into the MHC class II compartment. This is achieved by a fusion of the antigen (ovalbumin) with the leader sequence of the invariant chain (Ii80).

This results in effective antigen presentation by transfected cells in vivo and in vitro. Furthermore such plasmids induce strong Th1 differentiation without a detectable B cell /antibiody response.

At the same time the antigens is retained within transfected cells, this prevents activation of the humoral arm of the immune system (B cells or antibody-laden mast cells) and may provide a safer DNA vaccine.

The plasmid construct might be useful to redirect pathogenic Th2 responses without triggering allergic reactions or to selectively increase CD4 T cell responses.

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