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Monitoring of the specific CD4+ T cell response against plasmid vaccination

Successful vaccination and development of new effective vaccination strategies and vaccines depends on direct monitoring of the in vivo effects of vaccination.

We have developed tools to directly monitor T cell activation and differentiation in vivo and to monitor the endogenous CD4 T cell response to a vaccine. Naïve T cells can be monitored by adoptive transfer of small numbers of TCR transgenic T cells into congenic recipients.

The total pool of endogenous memory T cell response in a non-manipulated animals can be visualized by ex vivo antigenic restimulation followed by analysis of CD40 ligand (CD154) expression versus functional markers such as cytokines.

These technologies will be helpful to directly assess the effect of a particular vaccine on the antigen-specific T helper cell response and provide a rational for development of vaccination strategies and testing.

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