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Characterisation of the effect of the potential adjuvant R-848 on human antigen presenting cells

In humans, TLR 7 and TLR 8 have been identified as receptors for synthetic compounds belonging to the imidazoquinoline family, which have potent adjuvant activity. We have demonstrated that the presence of TLR 7/8 ligands during myeloid dendritic cell differentiation impairs the function of the differentiated dendritic cells.

This result is important in the context of development of vaccines, which contain compounds activating TLR 7/8. These data extend the 'state of the art' in terms of knowledge of the immunological consequences of TLR 7/8 activation.

Reported by

HLA et Medicine, INSERM U662
Institut Universitaire dęHématologie, Hopital St. Louis
75010 Paris