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pCMVOva DNA immunization plasmid containing the ova gene, encoding for the ovalbumin allergen

Plasmid pCMVOva is an in-house developed construct containing the ovalbumin gene, to be used for cell transfection and in vivo immunization experiments.

In this plasmid, the ovalbumin gene is cloned as fusion to the tPA leader sequence, in order to allow Derp1 secretion by transfected cells. The plasmid is able to express the encoded antigen in vitro-transfected cells.

Furthermore, the plasmid is capable of inducing allergen-specific cellular and humoral responses in non-allergic mice. The construct is particularly designed for DNA immunization experiments aimed at evaluating the immunogenicity of DNA-based allergy vaccine in murine models of naïve and allergic mice.

The plasmid is suitable for cell transfection assays aimed at studying allergen expression and presentation by antigen presenting cells and cell activation pathways upon DNA uptake. The application can be disseminated as further R&D.

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