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Cell exposure protocol for testing endocrine disrupting activity on estrogen responsive T-47D cells

The T-47D cell line, a breast carcinoma cell line which expresses receptors to 17- â estradiol, other steroids and calcitonin has been selected for exposure protocols to assess gene expression.

The cell line was exposed to a selection of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), compared to negative controls and corresponding RNA-extracts were used to validate the DNA-chip that has been developed by other partners (NIO, ARCS) within the Mendos consortium.

Interesting genes have been confirmed by real-time PCR on the available samples. This approach was set up in comparison to another test system with the ZR 75-1 cell line (performed at NIO). By comparing all data, we aimed to identify the most ideal cell line that can be used for validation of other sensors (MIPs) as well as to identify the subset of genes that allow for the best identification of EDCs.

Protocols (cell culture, RNA extractions & hybridisation) are available and can be used for future EDC exposure experiments

Reported by

ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH
Forschungszentrum Seibersdorf
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