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WP 8: Prevention/intervention

1. To investigate whether taurine supplementation also restores ?-cell mass dynamics to normal values, if it prevents the alterations of islet and brain vascularisation and the dysfunctions observed in the peripheral tissues of protein-restricted animals.
2. To understand the mechanisms by which taurine would restore the ? cell mass to normal.

This last Workpackage consisted in finding new perspectives of prevention. We have highlighted the importance to have adequate taurine plasma levels to avoid abnormal development of the endocrine pancreas and its lasting consequences, since most of the alterations induced by the maternal PR diet were restored by the simple supplementation of the PR diet of the mother with taurine. We also showed that reduced neonatal pancreas vascularisation was restored by taurine and this year the same effect was observed on the adult brain blood vessels.

This year we have performed DNA micro-arrays analysis, which has revealed that maternal PR diet modulated (up or down) 12 % of the 15.000 genes expressed in the foetal islets and that taurine supplementation restored 90 % of these altered genes.

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