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A lipidated derivative of ApoE-derived peptide sequence forms nano-carriers

We introduced and characterised the novel chimerical lipopeptide P2A2, which is a highly promising candidate for drug delivery from micellar and liposomal nanoparticles owing to its straightforward synthesis, its unique physicochemical properties and its adaptability to a broad spectrum of targets. P2A2 consists of a strongly cationic, ApoE-based peptide, which is able to overcome cell membranes, and two palmitoyl chains promote detergent-like aggregation and partitioning into lipid bilayers. Biophysical experiments revealed that the lipopeptide self-assembled into small micelles comprising about 20 monomers. P2A2-lipid interactions were analysed and yielded a phase diagram permitting mastery of the colloidal state and thus rendering both micellar as well as liposomal formulations available for drug delivery.

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