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Systemic DNA vaccination with gag but not env reduces MVV provirus load in blood

Animals immunised systemically with gag + gagIFN showed a significant reduction in pro-virus load in blood. The pro-virus load in lung tissues in these animals was not significantly different from controls. Pro-virus loads in blood and tissues of animals immunised with gp150env were not different from controls. The results suggest that virus dissemination from the lung tissue was reduced by gag immunization. Thus, systemic DNA immunisation did not prevent infection but induced a reduction in pro-virus load in blood in animals immunised with the gag gene.

The end users of the information are other scientists working in the field of SRLV control, or working with other lentiviruses, or working with other plasmid DNA vaccines, or in the general area of vaccines and immune responses, or in the general area of lentivirology.

Commercial companies are unlikely to be interested in the information unless it could be shown in larger numbers of animals that the reduced pro-virus load following gag immunisation was significant. Further work is required using larger group sizes to show that gag immunisation results in significantly reduced pro-virus load in blood.

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