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Systemic DNA vaccination with gag but not env reduces severity of lesions

Animals immunised systemically with p55gag showed a significant reduction in lesion scores in the lungs and MLN as determined by histopathological analysis. Animals immunised with gp150env did not show such a reduction. Inclusion of IFN in the priming and first boost did not enhance the protective effect of gag immunisation. Thus, systemic gag immunisation protects against lesion formation but not against infection.

The end users of the information are other scientists working in the field of SRLV control, or working with other lentiviruses, or working with other plasmid DNA vaccines, or in the general area of vaccines and immune responses, or in the general area of lentivirology.

Commercial companies may be interested in the information that gag immunisation protects against lesion formation and severity. However, further work using larger group sizes is necessary to improve on the observed protective effect before any commercial activity would be warranted.

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