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Mucosal DNA vaccination induces elevated immune responses in blood before and after challenge

In mucosally immunized animals, antibody responses were elevated in env and envIFN groups after plasmid immunization. The antibodies were of the IgG1 subclass, with no IgG2 antibody responses being observed. There was no evidence that MVA boosted the response after week 7. After challenge, most animals sero-converted; though there were no significant differences in antibody titres between immunized and control groups. T cell proliferative responses were found in the groups receiving gag, gagenv, or gagenvIFN immunization before challenge. Immunization with gag induced significantly elevated IFNg production by T cells compared to controls at week 7-post DNA immunization. Increased proliferative responses were observed following MVV challenge in all immunized groups at some point compared to controls. There were no significant differences in IFNg production between immunized and control groups after challenge. Very few T cell cytotoxic responses were observed prior to and after challenge following mucosal immunization. No significant differences were observed.

The end users of the information are other scientists working in the field of SRLV control, or working with other lentiviruses, or working with other plasmid DNA vaccines, or in the general area of vaccines and immune responses, or in the general area of lentivirology.

Commercial companies are unlikely to be interested in the information.

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