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(2) Development of an analytical technique for detection low concentrations of sulphur in oxidation resistant coatings

A technique to analyse low concentration elements, i.e. Sulphur, by Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (GDOS) was developed. Sulphur and other trace elements like Boron or Phosphorus can be detrimental to the performance of oxidation resistance coatings. GDOS is a quick an convenient method to analyse multi-component diffusion layers. Other standard methods of material analysis like EDS or EPMA have a lower detection limit of ~1%. IOPW performed analysis of Hafnium and Sulphur with contents in the range down to few a ppm.

The results show that GDOS is a promising technique for diffusion layer analysis. Nevertheless a very precise calibration of the method is necessary to guarantee excellent results. It is foreseen that standards will be developed for several layer compositions. These standards have to be established by a measurement circuit of several laboratories. With this the precision and flexibility of the GDOS method can be improved significantly. An international standardisation will be a need in the future, which could be based on this GDOS technique.

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