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Study visit to the Netherlands

NMi completed the study visit program. The visitors from industry, testing labs and regulating bodies were invited and selected by the national contact persons of NAS countries. The study visits took place on 25, 26 September 2003 for the visitors from Slovenia and Bulgaria and on 9, 10 October for the visitors from Czech Republic and Estonia.

The visitors got information about the Dutch perspective on Economic, financial and legal implication of the implementation of the LVD and the New Approach in general. Presentations were prepared by a Dutch testing house, a Dutch manufacturer and the Dutch Market Surveillance. The study visits in addition provided an opportunity of the visiting countries to get the institutional triangles together and strengthen them.

It is expected that as a result the ascending and candidate member states (3 of them are at the moment member state) are better prepared for the changes by having learned from the experience in the Netherlands. In order for the New Approach to work effectively, the institutional triangle should be well established, i.e. the manufacturers, testing houses and market surveillance should be able to find each other. The study visits have contributed to this aim.

Reports on the study visits from each visitor have been collected and summarized. The remarks and remaining questions in these reports formed the basis for a presentation in the first annual conference in Prague.

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