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INCOLAB conference Sofia

The State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance was host of the second INCOLAB conference held in Sofia on 2nd - 3rd December 2004. The conference was aimed at presenting different aspects of LVD implementation and the problems arisen during the implementation period in the INCOLAB partners' countries.

During the preparatory stage of the conference the following activities were performed:
-·Collection, selection and evaluation of offers of hotels/specialized organizations for the conference organization, preparation of a contract
-·Discussion with the INCOLAB partners and selection of the topics for papers that will be presented on the conference
-·Selection of the papers that will be presented by the Bulgarian institutions participating in INCOLAB project
-·Translation in English of the Bulgarian papers
-·Preparation and coordination with the INCOLAB partners of the conference agenda and timetable
-·Preparation of the INCOLAB conference materials (proceedings and other)
-·Technical support of the conference
-·Organization of technical visit at SAMTS' metrological laboratories.

The topics presented and discussed during the INCOLAB conference were divided into 2 parts:
-·2nd December 2004 - 10 presentations (Power Point) prepared by the INCOLAB partners

The lecturers presented the experience of the INCOLAB partners in the process of LVD implementation. An active discussion on the existing problems and solutions found was organized and the LVD implementation in the view of conformity assessment, market surveillance and testing was discussed.

-·3rd December 2004 - 2 seminars:

a) Seminar -Legal, economic and financial aspects of the full implementation of LVD- moderator NMi, NL
The seminar was aimed at presenting and discussing the legal, economic and financial aspects of the full implementation of LVD. The 5 presentations by the Dutch experts offered to the audience the viewpoint and experience of a Dutch test-house - TNO-EPS, a Dutch manufacturer - Philips, a Dutch market surveillance authority - VWA (Food and Wares Authority) and the NMi. Panel discussions were organized with the Bulgarian audience and the representatives of the INCOLAB partners.

b) Seminar -Evaluation of measurement uncertainty in quantitative testing- moderator DFM, DK
The content of the seminar was based on the INCOLAB publication -A practical guide for the estimation of uncertainty in quantitative testing- and addressed the following issues:
- Basics of measurement uncertainty - concepts and methods
- Generic uncertainty budgets for measurements in testing
- Physical modelling versus empirical modelling
- Examples from LVD and EMC testing
- Discussions

Eighty persons (20 persons representing the INCOLAB partners and 60 Bulgarians) participated in the conference. A lot of examples and practices in the LVD implementation were shared and discussed. Useful information and professional contacts were exchanged and established. The presentations and the seminar panels are available on

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