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Analysis of M&T requirements related to the LVD implementation

Many actions like inquiries, workshops, visits and presentations have been realized. Also the outputs of the measurement foresight programme were used as a significant indicator of practical needs. Contacts with accredited calibration and testing laboratories were established as well as contacts with typical manufacturers of electrical equipment and measuring instruments. The analysis was oriented to the traceability problems and to the general awareness of LVD requirements. Collected data were compared with best measurement capabilities of the Czech accredited laboratories.

The results are shown that LVD relevant metrological services cover all current needs of calibration and testing laboratories. Some middle term foreseen needs were recognized and results were used in the CMI strategy plan and in some cases in the short-term projects. Challenging subject fields are improvement of calibration and measurement capabilities of large currents (over 1000A), improvement of measurements of discharge phenomena and pulse currents and voltages and full implementation of quantum effect standards of electrical quantities. Improvement of contactless temperature measurements and related calibration service was also recommended. This particular requirement has been taken into consideration in the framework of the INCOLAB and technical project has been prepared.

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