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LVD related component of the general CMI strategy plan

Strategy of the Czech metrological bodies and testing laboratories corresponds with INCOLAB objective - to support NAS laboratories and facilitate mutual recognition agreements based on conformity assessment in order to prepare the M&T laboratories for their future role in the enlarged single market. The main INCOLAB project contribution in that field was support of full understanding of requisites corresponding to the CE marking of products and of the role of partners in so called institutional triangle.

Particular focus was concentrated to the metrological service and its necessary improvements. Results of completed analysis were included in the general CMI strategy plan (2005-2010), which was approved by the Czech government.

Main projects are:
- full implementation of quantum effect standards for the improvement of CMCs
- improvement of CMCs in the field of large currents (over 1000 A)
- improvement of the measurements in the field of discharge phenomena and pulse currents and voltages
- improvement in the field of contactless temperature measurements

The strategy plan and its performance are systematically evaluated by the Czech Metrology Institute and by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing.

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