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Improved interrelations among laboratories-industry-administrative bodies

Diverse presentations, conferences, workshops, interviews were used to enhance discussion and support efficient cooperation of involved partners. The task was successfully completed with full understanding among involved subjects and especially in close cooperation with the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (COSMT).

COSMT is a state administration body subordinated to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Its activities include tasks set out in Czech legislation on technical standardization, metrology and testing and tasks related to the harmonization of Czech technical regulations and standards with the technical regulations of the European Union. COSMT is responsible for designation and notification of Conformity Assessment Bodies active under the New Approach Directives.

Czech Trade Inspection as a top-level market surveillance body was also an active partner. Czech metrological infrastructure comprises the CMI and sufficient amount of calibration laboratories, mostly accredited acc. to EN 17025 (30 laboratories incl. CMI) and, generally, traceable to the CMI.

Members of the Association of Accredited and Authorized Organizations are mostly engaged in the regulated area associated with the CE marking (as authorized and notified bodies), as well as in the unregulated area of quality of products, services etc. as accredited entities. Members of the Association are (among others) Electro technical Testing Institute, Engineering Testing Institute, Tech. and Test Inst. for Construction, Physical - Technical Testing Institute, TUV CZ, s. r. o., Inst. for Testing and Certification, VOP-026 Sternberk, s.p. They were important INCOLAB partners.

Electro technical and electronic industry is a very important part of the Czech economy. It was represented for the INCOLAB tasks by TESLA Jihlava, a.s. (manufacturer of electric contact systems and diverse assembly parts), ETA, a.s. (manufacturer of home appliances), METRA Blansko, a.s. (manufacturer of electrical measuring instruments and diverse plant equipment), ILLKO, s.r.o. (manufacturer of electrical measuring instruments), MEATEST, s.r.o. (manufacturer and service, precise electronic measuring and calibration instruments) and generally Czech and Moravian Electrical and Electronic Association.

Subjects given above demonstrated good level of cooperation and readiness to participate in the INCOLAB tasks.

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