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Inter-comparison of the black test corner

As seen, there are a variety of black test corners (BTC) at various participating laboratories. Black test corner is considered as a system composed of diversity of dimensions, colour, smoothness, sensors, positions of the sensors, grid of the sensors, and probably wood material (plywood is not the same everywhere) and acquisition of the temperature value. The results could be much more consistent and comparable, if a uniform measurement instrument would be defined. At least present requirements from the standard should be specified in more details. Furthermore an IEC standard with a general procedure for measuring in the black test corner and more details on instrument itself should be prepared. Also a way of providing traceability of such a system should be described in such document. The results also proved the necessity of closer collaboration among test laboratories and technical committees of standardisation bodies and metrology.

Besides information about particular BTC and performance of laboratories, additional information about test samples was obtained. Namely testing a number of samples of the same type model enabled to foresee the compliance to conformity with the requirement for the entire population of the same type model (product). Concern that appears is that product can be placed with the support of different testing laboratories with quite different measurement capabilities on the EU market. It can be the case that the product is in compliance with the requirements according to one testing laboratory, but not according to another laboratory, which brings at least confusion on the market and some product that should not be available.

Incolab laboratory inter-comparison of measuring results in the BTC based on a variety of BTCs, different interpretations of written standards and different approaches to measuring/test procedures resulted in test reports, which required a grate deal of efforts to extract useful, reasonable and comparable results. Inter-laboratory comparison of measurements in the black test corner Page 44 of 44 The entire inter-comparison proved that in general, and for LVD in particular better specification for BTCs as an example for a complex measuring instrument is required. It should be encountered as a general approach in other written standard that complex measurement instruments such as BTC, a much more detailed test procedure should be specified as opposed to test procedure that are based on simple instruments with straight forward use.

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