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National INCOLAB seminar 21-22 November 2005 - Sofia, Bulgaria

A national seminar on the INCOLAB project activities and IVD implementation was held on 21-22 November 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The seminar was organized by the State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance (SASM) and more than 130 participants representing producers, importers and traders of electrical appliances, testing laboratories, conformity assessment bodies, certification bodies, state authorities, etc. were presented there.

The organization of the event included selection of the place where the event was carried out, preparation and distribution of a preliminary program and call for papers, selection of the papers that would be included in the program and preparation of the final program, logistics.

25 PPT presentations had been selected and presented during the 2-day seminar. The papers were structured in two main directions: a) implementation aspects of the Ordinance on essential requirements and conformity assessment of electrical appliances intended for use in specific voltage limits transposing LVD in Bulgarian legislation, b) development of the national conformity assessment system.

The first 13 papers presented on 21 November 2005 were distributed in 4 sessions. The main topics were related to the development of the national conformity assessment system; the role of INCOLAB project activities for facilitating the process of LVD implementation in Bulgaria and the participation of a Bulgarian testing laboratory in the inter-laboratory comparison, organized by the LKM Slovenia within INCOLAB project; the activities of Bulgarian testing laboratories under the LVD scope, their role and the existing problems in the full implementation of LVD; the RAPEX system and its role for detecting and preventing from placing on the market dangerous electrical products.

A round table -Challenges to the testing laboratories and the future tendencies in their development- was organized at the end of the first seminar day where the producers and consumers- points of view on the LVD implementation were presented and the application of good European practices and possible solutions of the existing problems were discussed.

The 12 papers presented on the second day of the seminar were also distributed in 4 sessions. The national conformity assessment system as well as the requirements and responsibilities of the CABs were discussed; the activities of the market surveillance authorities and their role for preventing form placing on the market of dangerous products as well as the position and activities of non-governmental organizations in the process of consumer protection and market surveillance were presented; the role of cooperation between these organizations and the state authorities was discussed as well.

Two round tables were organized:
-Conformity assessment of products within the scope of more than one NA directive- and -CABs and market surveillance authorities - responsibilities and cooperation- where the actual situation in Bulgaria was discussed.

The main responsibilities and tasks of the authorities, their role in the harmonization and full implementation of LVD and other directives, the necessity of improving the cooperation and interaction between the participants in the national institutional triangle were also discussed. The 25 PPT presentations are available at SASM.

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