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Training Seminar on Market surveillance of electrical products

On 24-26 October 2006 the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance organized a training seminar on issues related to the market surveillance of electrical products within the scope of LVD and related NA directives. The training seminar was organized in two sessions in the towns of Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo in order to cover all regional structures in the country in the field of market surveillance and 72 market surveillance inspectors of SASM and the Commission of Trade and Consumer Protection participated in the seminar.

The organization of the event included selection of the place for the seminar's carrying out, preparation and distribution of the training program, logistics. The training was carried out by Czech experts from the Czech Trade Inspection.

The seminar was organized in several sessions and 6 PPT presentations on market surveillance issues were presented related to the following topics: organization and principles of the Czech market surveillance system; organization, responsibilities and activities of the Czech Trade Inspection; periodical training of inspectors; criteria and methods for detecting dangerous products; practices and product groups' approaches for analysis; risk assessment and determination of the risk level; risk assessment on site; practices for determination and detection of characteristic marks in the different product groups of potentially dangerous products; inspection planning, testing laboratories and data collection; detecting single dangerous products; RAPEX system; information systems and data exchange, results evaluation and data transferring; fines and corrective measures, restriction or withdrawal of dangerous products from the market.

The training seminar was very useful for the Bulgarian experts as it gave them basic and practical knowledge on good European practices in the field of market surveillance, examples and experience exchange as well as practical methods and legislative knowledge.

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