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Analysis on the implementation of Directive 73/23/EEC in Bulgaria directed to the producers, importers, traders and consumers

A survey on the implementation of Directive 73/23/EEC in Bulgaria is made aimed at presenting the implementation process directed to the Bulgarian producers, importers, traders and consumers. The main objectives of the survey are to provide a clear picture on the LVD implementation situation in Bulgaria and to find some solutions of the existing implementation problems. To achieve these objectives several questionnaires are developed and distributed to more than 200 Bulgarian producers, importers and traders as well as to many customers of electrical appliances.

The information collected by means of these questionnaires comprises data on the existing situation of the electrical appliances market in Bulgaria were more than 200 producers/importers and more that 1000 traders are working. Some data on Bulgarian legislation in this field transposing the Law on Technical Requirements to Products and the COUNCIL DIRECTIVE of 19 February 1973 on the harmonization of the laws of Member States relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits (LVD) is given. Short information on the conformity assessment process in the country is given as well. A comparison of the testing and CA procedures carried out before year 2003 and today is made giving some ideas on the procedures used by the producers/importers when prove compliance with the essential requirements to their electrical appliances. Analysis of the collected data is made and some examples on the main difficulties to the Bulgarian producers/importers and traders are also given in order to present their viewpoint on the LVD implementation process in the country.

The market surveillance mechanisms and consumer protection activities are also discussed and some statistics are presented, some proposals on possible solutions for preventing from placing on the market of dangerous electrical products are given. The common problems of the end consumers of electrical appliances as well as their viewpoint on the LVD implementation are presented. Some conclusions are made and ways for solving the existing problems and achieving full LVD implementation are presented. The analysis made, the questionnaires and all information collected are available at SASM.

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SASM, International Cooperation Dept.
1000 SOFIA
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