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Analysis on the implementation of Directive 73/23/EEC in Bulgaria directed to the testing laboratories

A survey on the Directive 73/23/EEC implementation in Bulgaria is made aimed at presenting the implementation process reflecting the Bulgarian testing laboratories activities and their current problems. The main objectives of the survey are to provide a clear picture on the LVD implementation situation in Bulgaria and to find some solutions of the existing implementation problems. To achieve these objectives several questionnaires are developed and distributed to 15 Bulgarian testing laboratories and 4 CABs as well as to many customers of the test laboratories' services.

In the period 2003-2006 there were more that 20 testing laboratories working in the scope of LVD but only 10 of them had been accredited (7 by BAS - Bulgaria and 3 by RvA - the Netherlands). The data collected by means of the questionnaires present information on the existing situation related to the Bulgarian testing laboratories performing activities within the scope of LVD. Some information on the demands of Bulgarian market for performing tests of electrical appliances, the existing legislation in this field, the harmonized standards and the test methods used is given. Examples on the main difficulties to the testing laboratories related to the modernization of the equipment used, personnel qualification, maintenance of the quality management system, updating and development of test methods, validation of technical equipment and methods, luck of measurement traceability for some specific ranges, time-consuming accreditation process, etc. are discussed. Some information on the national conformity assessment system and CA procedures used for providing compliance of the electrical appliances with the essential requirements is given as well.

At the end some conclusions are made and some solutions of the existing problems to the testing laboratories for achieving full LVD implementation are discussed. The analysis, the questionnaires and all information collected are available at SASM.

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