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Information materials

1) Information materials for consumers.
In cooperation with Phare 2000 Market Surveillance Project, Finnish Safety Technology Authority TUKES, and Swedish National Electrical Safety Board ELSAK, two leaflets for consumers were prepared in 2003:

- CE-marking (4000 pieces)
- Electrical Safety at Home (3000 pieces)

The brochures were published both in Estonian and in Russian and distributed to more than 100 shops and shopping centres in 6 Estonian towns: Tallinn, Tartu, Parnu, Rakvere, Johvi, and Viljandi. Examples of the printed brochures were also attached to the original 2nd interim report of Estonia. The electronic version is available on Estonian safety website as well as on the websites of project partners in Estonia.

2) Information materials for manufacturers/importers of electrical appliances.

LVD Implementation Guide.

LVD Implementation Guide was translated in 2003 and edited by Mr Endel Risthein from Tallinn Technical University, Mr Ago Pelisaar from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and Mr Juri Loorens from Electrical Safety Controlling Centre. In addition, other experts were involved in the preparation of LVD Implementation Guide.

The LVD Implementation Guide was published in total of 300 pieces (instead of 500 pieces that had been planned at first) at the beginning of 2004 in Estonian language, and it was distributed through EETEL, magazine "Electrical Field", Technical Inspectorate as well as other market surveillance institutions (e.g., Labour Inspectorate), Electrical Safety Controlling Centre and Tallinn Technical University. The electronic version of the guide is available on the web site of INCOLAB Project partners.

3) Other.

Several articles were written by Diana Maurer and Eire Endrekson on INCOLAB Project and the latter's activities that were published in the magazine "Electrical Field".

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