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EPOS data set (baseline, 1st follow-up, 2nd follow-up data sets from 4 European countries)

EPOS data set (EPOS Group, 2007) for 246 probands putatively at risk for psychosis included into the EPOS baseline (t0-) database, 188 probands at the 9-month (1st-) follow-up, and 148 probands at the 18-month (2nd-)follow-up time point, respectively.

The data set includes data on pathways to care, socio-demography and premorbid adjustment, special, past and present psychopathology, personality traits and disorders, social functioning, disability, and quality of life, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, structural magnetic resonance imaging, additional factors possibly contributing to the 'at risk' state, as well as data on treatment, service receipt and costs. Special psychopathological indicators on 39 probands having undergone transition to psychosis, so far.

The EPOS baseline, 1st follow-up and 2nd-follow-up data collected have been stored and computed at the participating centres within SPSS 10.0 data-file sets especially designed for the study. Together with an early optimisation at an individual site level, a most elaborate multi-phased quality assurance procedure including study visits has been applied on the data set. Potential end-users are psychiatric, psychological or public health investigators engaged in mental health research, especially early psychosis studies.

As the main benefit, the EPOS data set provides a hitherto unique basis of prospectively collected knowledge on potential clinical, environmental and biological risk factors and indicators for prevention of psychosis and its health economics.

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