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Other EPOS scientific results

Other EPOS scientific results (EPOS Group, 2006) over a broad range from epidemiology (e.g. annual vulnerability to psychosis of 11.6/10000 and risk for psychosis of 6.6/10000 on basis of an estimated rate of vulnerability to psychosis of 26% and risk to psychosis 15% in Finish psychiatric outpatients in Finish catchment area), to treatment receipt (e.g. similar overall rates of prescription of medication and notably diverse rates of applied psychotherapy in the participating European regions).

These data await further evaluation and publication, e.g. on pathways to care, disability, and health economical aspects, as well as results regarding present and past psychopathology, personality, alcohol and drug abuse, expressed emotions, life events, childhood trauma, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, structural MRI. Potential end-users are governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations, clinicians and researchers in the areas of mental health care and policy.

As the main benefit, the acquired knowledge will help to implement and sustain early detection and prevention programmes adapted to European mental health care systems and the needs of the help-seeking individuals.

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