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Dissemination and awareness in early recognition and intervention in psychotic disorders

The EPOS dissemination and awareness in early recognition and intervention in psychotic disorders (EPOS Group, 2001 - 2007) consisting of so far 10 EPOS major scientific symposia and a huge number of publications, workshops, individual oral presentations and posters at international, national and regional levels.

At the same time, the study has significantly promoted early recognition and intervention in psychoses beyond a purely scientific scope in both European and non-European regions. About 15 new early recognition and intervention in psychosis units, most of them embedded in evolving larger national or regional networks, have been established in participating regions with more to come, similar developments in other European and non-European regions have been supported by members of the consortium.

The continued dissemination of EPOS results on pathways, risk indicators, disabilities and quality of life, treatment and treatment costs etc. should possibly also largely contribute to further raising awareness for early psychosis in both, the European and non-European general public and mental health care professionals. Potential end-users are governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations, clinicians and researchers in the areas of mental health care and policy, as well as the respective patient group, their relatives and general public.

As the main benefit, the acquired know-how will help to implement and sustain early detection and prevention programmes adapted to European and non-European mental health care systems and the needs of the help-seeking individuals.

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