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PCR based methods for allergen determination

Four different PCR primers were chosen for the detection of bovine and chicken DNA in differently treated food samples using optimised DNA extraction protocols. The limits of detection were superior for the detection of meat (beef and chicken meat) and suitable for the detection of skimmed milk powder in various samples.

The developed rapid method was suitable for the mentioned analytes too. Limits of detection were one order of magnitude higher. The comparison of the developed PCR methods with ELISA methods showed that the PCR is an important tool for detecting allergens in foods. The method of choice should be ELISA for the detection of milk and egg containing products at trace levels, while for the detection of beef and chicken meat containing products the PCR method is favourable.

The result showed a positive correlation between DNA and protein content of food samples. A correlation between the degree of treatment of a food (sausage) and results of different PCR methods was clearly shown.

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