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Genetic structure among Skagerrak populations

We examined the genetic structure among spring-spawning populations of Atlantic herring sampled at three locations in the Skagerrak and Norwegian spring-spawning herring sampled at two locations in the eastern North Sea using nine microsatellite DNA markers. The three Skagerrak locations were sampled in two consecutive years, 2002 and 2003, whereas Karmoy in the North Sea was sampled in 2002 and More further north off the norwegian coast, was sampled in 2003. Each sample consisted of ca 100 fish.

We found no evidence for genetic differentiation among Skagerrak samples, neither among locations nor between years. On the other hand was the More sample genetically differentiated from all Skagerrak samples and Karmoy from two of the three Skagerrak samples. These findings suggests a barrier to gene flow between Norwegian spring spawners and Skagerrak spring spawning stocks in spite of the known migration behaviour of Atlantic herring.

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