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Model to assist adoption of improved material

The development of the ADOPTION-STRATEGY is based on the results of the following elements within the project (Workpackage 3.1):

1. Assessment of End-User Attitudes, including the development of and end-user panel.
2. Assessment of "Chain of Influence" for dissemination of knowledge from science to practice
3. Assessment of market prospects for improved material from Ash (fraxinus) and other noble hardwoods in selected European countries

The suggested strategy for future dissemination of research results and the improved adoption of results includes the following main elements:

- Publication of research results in professional magazines - including also internal publications of associations (e.g. farmers' associations) and other institutions
- Direct contact with key representatives of formal "information distribution"-institutions
- Identification of key partners (i.e. "information brokers"/ "opinion leaders") at regional and local levels
- Identification of key problems of "general interests", which could be of relevance for the new developments a contact with general media to show link between new developments and identified problems (e.g. after a drastic frost event, the resistance of newly developed material against frosts is used as the "teaser" for mass media report).
- Direct contact with local and regional key partners, organisation of demonstration events (in the context of new reproductive material this also means establishment of demonstration plantings)
- Publication of demonstration events in professional magazines

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