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PSI MI standard for molecular interactions

Molecular interaction data is a key resource in modern biomedical research, and molecular interaction datasets are currently generated on a large scale, providing from one to tens of thousands of interactions per experiment. These interaction data sets are provided in many different forms; from simple pairs of protein names to detailed textual descriptions and XML formats, and are collected in different databases, each with their own database schema. In 2004, the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative developed and published the PSI MI XML format for molecular interactions as a community format for the exchange of protein interaction data.

This format has been jointly developed by major producers and providers of protein interaction data, among them BIND, DIP, IntAct, MINT, and MIPS. The PSI MI 1.0 format is now widely implemented and supported by tool and data providers. The PSI MI format was explicitly intended to develop in an incremental fashion. Version 1.0 focussed exclusively on protein interactions, and provided only very limited support for quantitative parameters, in particular kinetics. Based on experience with level 1.0, and requests from both databases and data providers, the HUPO PSI work group for molecular interactions has evolved the PSI MI format to version 2.5, available from

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