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An online data submission, annotation and curation tool MIAMExpress implemented

MIAMExpress is a tool for submitting data to the ArrayExpress database. The tool takes you through a series of forms, where you will be asked to provide information about your experiment.

Full documentation is available from The ArrayExpress curation tool consists of two components - Submission Tracker and MAGE object Editor. The Submission Tracker is a java based tracking system to automate the loading and processing of MAGE-ML format ftp submissions to ArrayExpress. The tracker detects new submissions, validates them and auto loads them where they are valid. The system provides error reports to the ArrayExpress curators and external submitters and allows submissions to be re-queued for loading once corrected.

MAGE object Editor is a part of the CurationTool and provides an interface to make changes to the submissions deposited to ArrayExpress database. It retrieves data from the ArrayExpress database as MAGE object associated with Experiment, Array, and Protocol and displayed through some templates where the data can be modified and submitted back to ArrayExpress.

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