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ArrayExpress repository populated with data from over 10,000 micro-arrays

As of December 2005 ArrayExpress contained gene expression and other micro-array data from almost 35,000 hybridisations, comprising over 1200 studies, covering 70 different species (see figure below). This exceeds the amount of data predicted in DESPRAD proposal more than twice. Most of the data are related to peer-reviewed publications. The available studies cover a wide variety of experiment types, such as gene expression related to compound treatments, disease states, organism part comparisons, or developmental studies. For instance, the experiment with accession number E-TOXM-16, investigates whether genotoxic carcinogens at doses known to induce liver tumours in rat bioassay deregulate a common set of genes in a short-term in vivo study. Raw and normalised data are provided.

The experiment uses 137 hybridisations on 126 different samples on Affymetrix array U34A. It combines experimental factors compound, dose and time. The experiment E-UMCU-12 studies nine-day glucose starvation stationary phase culture in yeast Sacharomices serevisiae exit and entry from quiescence. It provides time series data for 34 time points, and provides raw, normalised, and normalised smoothened data. Among other gene expression datasets in the database are human and mouse tissue expression data (e.g., E-AFMX-4, E-AFMX-5), and Arabidopsis thaliana development and differentiation expression data (e.g., E-AFMX-8). Slightly over 20% of the gene expression experiments provide time course data. Roughly a third of the experiments have been performed on Affymetrix platform.

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