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Cellular response after vaccination with newly constructed and deleted C strain mutant viruses

Vaccination-challenge experiments were performed to study the immunogenic properties of produced candidate vaccine constructs. To determine the kinetics, the CSFV-specific lymphocyte proliferation and the cytotoxic response, mini-pigs (d/d haplotype) were vaccinated with vFlc2 (C-strain) and vFlc9 (C-strain with E2 of BVDV), and challenged with CSFV Brescia. Pereferal blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of the piglets were tested in CTL assays to determine lysis of various target cells. PBMCs of vFLc2 and vFLc9 immunised piglets could lyse MAX cells that express E2, the BC-domain of E2 and NS3-4B respectively.

Macrophages appeared to be competent target cells for CTL. Flc2 and Flc9 show a CTL response to MAX cells that express E2 and immunogenic properties, but this no difference in response between those two constructs.

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