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Project ID: ICA3-CT-2002-10024
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-INCO 2
Kraj: United Kingdom

Historical seismicity catalogue including the archeoseismic and paleoseismic results

Partner 3 (ICSTM London) took in charge the historical and instrumental reappraisal of a parametric seismicity catalogue and seismic event locations in cooperation with Partner 1 (IPG Strasbourg), Partner 4 (DGAM Syria), Partner 7 (Ujordan) and Partner 8 (OGU, Turkey). Among the most striking results, the seismicity catalogue published by Sbeinati and colleagues (Partner 4) provide with valuable dataset on the moderate-sized and large earthquakes occurrence with damage distribution and location of the northern segments of the Dead Sea fault zone. Specific studies and the 3 publications of Ambraseys (Partner 3) on the middle of the 8th century seismicity in Syria and Palestine (with special attention to historical earthquakes in Jerusalem) and on the 12th century seismic paroxysm in the Middle East contribute to significantly enhance the seismicity catalogue. The new parametric catalogue compiled by the APAME working group (see also the list in Deliverable D1) indicates that the level of uncertainty of the location of large historical earthquakes is good enough to guide field studies for further investigation.

The preparation of the parametric seismicity catalogue consisted in:
- Specific studies on newly discovered historical earthquakes from original documents,
- Critical evaluation of major historical earthquakes and reappraisal from new documents,
- Critical evaluation of the seismic activity of the DSFZ before our era, based on archaeological and paleoseismological information,
- The uniform re-evaluation of seismicity of the study region for the period before 2000.
- Magnitude assessment of the size (Msm) of historical events.
- Derivation of frequency-magnitude recurrence relations for the assessment of earthquake hazard in the study region and in the DSFZ.
- Assessment of the slip rate of the DSFZ

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