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Case studies applying timed automata technology

Profiting from the new tools, the AMETIST consortium has tackled more than 20 industrial sized case studies involving the application of timed automata technology which were provided by its industrial partners (Bosch, Cybernetix, Axxom, Terma) or obtained from other sources:

- Cybernetix case study (Task 3.1)
- Terma case study (Task 3.2)
- Bosch case study (Task 3.3)
- Verification and improvement of the sliding window protocol
- Modeling and verifying a Lego car using hybrid I/O automata
- Correctness of an intrusion-tolerant group communication protocol
- Testing conformance of real-time applications by automatic generation of observers
- A model of the Welch/Lynch Clock Synchronization Protocol
- Modelling and Analysis of a Leader Election Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
- Synthesis of Safe, QoS Extendible, Application Specific Schedulers for Heterogeneous Real-Time Systems
- Description and Schedulability Analysis of the Software Architecture of an Automated Vehicle Control System
- Verification of Asynchronous Circuits using Timed Automata
- Analysis of a Protocol for Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link Local Addresses using Uppaal
- Model checking dependabiliy attributes of wireless group communication
- Cost-Optimisation of the IPv4 Zeroconf Protocol
- Model Checker Aided Design of a Controller for a Wafer Scanner
- Analysis of a Biphase Mark Protocol with Uppaal and PVS
- Automatic verification of the IEEE 1394 root contention protocol with KRONOS and PRISM
- Model Checking the Time to Reach Agreement
- Timed Automata Based Analysis of Embedded System Architectures
- From StoCharts to MoDeST: a comparative reliability analysis of train radio communications

The general conclusion is that using our new methods we can handle bigger problems faster and in a much more routine manner than at the start of the project. Applications of timed automata technology to analysis of scheduling problems, embedded system architectures and communication protocols have been very successful.

Our case studies provide insight in the current state-of-the-art of timed automata technology, provide modelling patterns that can be used by future users, and benchmarks for verification and analysis tools.

NB The results of the AXXOM case studies are listed as a separate result.

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