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Integrated model development and validation

Workpackage 4 (Coastal lagoon modelling - an integrated approach) provided a general modelling framework with implementation of different modelling modules able to describe the system components, i.e. lagoon, river basin and coastal waters, as well as the ecosystem functioning and the hydrodynamics. These models were developed and implemented at each test site according to their specific characteristics, data availability and defined end-users scenario analysis and case studies.

The approach consisted of using already developed parts, when available, and developing/implementing a shared modelling approach for the non- existing models. Each model for the watershed, hydrodynamical or biogeochemical component was calibrated separately. Finally, the coupling between watershed model and lagoon model (hydrodynamic and biogeochemical parts) provided an integrated representation of the entire watershed-coastal lagoon ecosystem and allowed scenarios simulations. The model outputs were then used to compare site responses and to calculate water quality indicators; linked to the economical indicators, they were the inputs required for the Decision Support System.

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