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Phenological model for key parasitoids of oilseed rape pests

Phenological Activity Tables for 6 key parasitoids in winter oilseed rape have been produced. These describe the influence of weather data on the activity of these parasitoids in the field.

The 'Phenological Activity Tables' were used to incorporate phenological models for the 6 key parasitoids into the DSS proPlant and can also be used for incorporation in other DSSs. Analyzing daily weather conditions, the systems can predict the start and the activity periods for key parasitoids in the oil seed rape crop.

Combined with the existing models for major pests in winter oilseed rape, this information will help to define spray windows for insecticide application that are compatible with parasitoid conservation. The forecasts that are provided by the models can be used to time vital treatments, possibly at the beginning of parasitoid migration.

Observations, however, suggest extremely long periods of parasitoid activity and several peaks of migration. If treatment is carried out at the beginning of migration in general, it will have no effect on those parasitoids that migrate at a later date, because of the decreasing efficacy of the applied chemical.

The 'Phenological Activity Tables' will be prepared for publication during winter 2006/7 and will be made available on a free-to-use basis.

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