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Basic knowledge of biology of natural enemies of oilseed rape pests

Basic and strategic research results on the natural enemies of the pests of oilseed rape and their value for biological control from the project have been widely disseminated and published on a free-to-use-basis.

Presentations have been made at major international and national meetings and at the International Symposium 'Integrated Pest Management in Oilseed Rape' held at Göttingen, Germany during 3-5 April 2006. A major achievement of the project has been the publication of the monograph 'Biocontrol of oilseed rape insect pests' published by Blackwell science in 2003, using information collated during the earlier EU concerted action BORIS and added to during the project MASTER.

This provided an invaluable database throughout the duration of the project. 166 scientific papers have been produced from the project to date, with more to come. These are listed on the project website:

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