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R vaccine against B. melitensis infection of sheep

The product is a new rough (R) vaccine against Brucella melitensis infection of sheep. This R vaccine eliminates the diagnostic problems caused by the classical Rev 1 vaccine in the standard serological tests (rose bengal and complement fixation). A modified iELISA protocol offered as ancillary serodiagnostic tool also reduces the residual serological interference in this assay.

The R vaccine is based on the mutation of a gene selected through experiments in laboratory models and in sheep among 16 potentially interesting genes. It carries markers for easy typing and comes with a PCR typing protocol.

This R vaccine is safer than Rev 1 for humans and is not resistant to the antibiotics used to treat human brucellosis, a disadvantage of the classical Rev 1 vaccine and of previously described R vaccines.

Protection afforded by the new vaccine is much higher than that published for other R vaccines in sheep. It does not reach the levels of protection afforded by vaccine Rev 1 (58% versus 100% protection in the controlled experiment carried out) but may be an alternative prophylactic tool under special circumstances.

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