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Irradiance Software Package including Quality Information

The irradiance software package will provide algorithms to derive high quality irradiance information from satellite data on an hourly base. The new model to calculate direct and diffuse irradiance will be based on a new irra­diance calculation scheme for the new satellite generation MSG developed within the Heliosat3 project. Improved calculation of the diffuse irradiance will allow for a more accurate determination of the plane of array irradiance.

The quality of the satellite derived irradiance values is further improved by combination with data from ground based meteorological stations using the kriging of differences method. Evaluations showed, that for monthly values the kriging of differences method reduced the RMSE to 50% of the error of satellite derive values. For daily values the RMSE to 75% of the error satellite derived values respectively. In the PVSAT project (EU JOULE-III program, JOR3-CT98-0230) it was shown that the accuracy of the overall procedure is mainly determined by the accuracy of the irradiance calculation scheme. Improvement of the irradiance accuracy will therefore directly result in a higher accuracy of the overall scheme and thus in earlier fault detection.

As an additional feature, information on the accuracy of the irradiance values is required as input for the automated performance check provided by the PVSAT-2. Quality information is be obtained by distinguishing meteorological condi­tions that correspond with different levels of accuracy of the Heliosat method.

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