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D1a: Optimisation of Q dummies (FMS-TUB)

The first prototype of the instrumented abdomen was finished end of August 2003. Initially the twenty FlexiForce sensors were fixed with tape on the surface of a Q3-abdomen. Every sensor is assigned to a small area on the abdomen's surface. The effective local force can be calculated by using the measured pressure and the area. A series of sled tests with different child restraint systems was carried out to assess the reliability of the abdomen and the measured signals. The first design was very delicate, because of the low durability of the connection of sensor and wires. Nevertheless there was a good correlation of measured abdominal force, total abdominal force and lap belt force, especially for CRS with shield.

The prototypes of the instrumented abdomen of the Q3 dummy are available and were already used by some CHILD partners. A third sensor for the Q6 is completed.

The instrumented abdomen is the first try to measure abdominal loads directly on the surface of the abdomen with a series of single sensors. Besides the magnitude of the load also position and direction can be identified. The new approach with sensors protected by latex layers is much closer to a future commercial use of the instrumented abdomen than the first prototype.

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