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D8a: Accident database (architecture-FIAT)

The database for collection and analysis of real accidents was developed with Microsoft Access 2000. It is a relational database that allows the storage of all information related to the accident divided in three main categories: general information of the accident, vehicles data and occupants' data. For each vehicle involved in the accident the database contains information related to: vehicle characteristics, accident reconstruction results (EES, delta velocity,...) and static deformations measured on it.

A large number of photographs of the vehicle (and of accident site) can be stored in order to better understand the behaviour of the vehicle during the accident and as well a lot of information for each occupant either adult or child, including anthropometric data, list of injuries coded according to an International coding system. In order to allow to the other workpackages the use of these data, several details related to the child environment in the car are also stored in the database: front seat position, seatback inclination, restraint conditions, airbag type and status, misuse of child restraint system (CRS), description of CRS, damage of CRS, appropriate use, and many pictures of both the seating place in the car and of the CRS to permit a better evaluation. In order to guarantee the coherence of data introduced into the database, a database software tool of management was developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6. This software tool was designed mainly to analyse all data stored into the database and see one complete accident in each component or to perform statistical queries or case selection according to criteria.

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