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D8b: Reconstruction database (architecture-TUB)

The CHILD reconstruction database is a universal tool to store, manage and analyse data of all crash tests and sled test performed in CREST and CHILD. It is a relational database that allows the storage of all information related to the accident, the general test conditions, vehicles (static and dynamic data) and on child dummies. For each vehicle involved in a test, the database contains information related to vehicle characteristics, test severity (EES, angle,...) and static deformations measured on it. A large number of photographs of the vehicle (before and after test) can be stored. A lot of information for each child dummy is available, including the list of injuries sustained by the child in the original accident, the main environment of the dummy, the restraint system used for the test, the list of sensors on the child dummy for the test, and pictures of the dummy and its restraint system.

The software includes following features: Visualization of data (pictures, films, and curves) from crash tests, component tests, or simulation and user is guided through convivial screens when entering or consulting data with the software. In order to make the tool easier to use and to ensure a good coherence between different users, index tables have been created for user interface to enter information related to test laboratories, test engineers, car manufactures and models, and numbering of tests (new crash or component tests).

This tool is offering the possibility to import ISO MME channel data with automatic calculation of a3ms, HIC36, HIC15 and the minimum/maximum values, import or export selected cases to another CHILD database (data exchange), delete cases and offer filters to select a case. In addition to all data gathered during the CHILD project, these tools have been designed in order to be able to contain all results of all tests performed in the previous EC CREST project (56 reconstructions and about 100 sled tests).

The analysis of data is possible in the reconstruction database, data can be filtered and graphical visualisation of AIS and measurement values is offered. Reports can be automatically generated by a simple click and the edition of general data for crash and component test, pictures, main results and a comparison between real accident data and crash or component test data is done.

The developed software is a tool to analyse the results of crash test with child dummies involved. It was designed to fit to the demands of the CHILD partners. Test was performed in more than ten different European test laboratories and the software has allowed that all data was entered in the reconstruction database by the database manager. This tool is easy to use and give plenary satisfactions to the partners who have used it. It can be considered as a good basis for crash data storage, management and visualisation for future research works in similar context.

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