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D12a: Analytical output from accident database (report-VSRC)

The analysis report has two main objectives, to describe the information available from the accident data collection activity of the CHILD project (and its predecessor, CREST), and to provide an initial analysis of the available child accident data.

During the CHILD project, a total of 264 accident cases involving restrained children have been gathered from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK, according to a common and well defined methodology, including a sampling plan. Injuries are coded according to the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) (AAAM, 1990). When added to the 405 CREST accident cases, there is now a total of 669 cases.

The cases found in the CHILD dataset are not proportionally representative of the accident situation across Europe, or in individual countries. Case selection is made using criteria that favour more severe cases, both in terms of injury severity and impact severity, although cases that combine low injury severity and high impact severity are also included.

The report includes an overview of the CHILD and CREST datasets, an analysis of restrained children in frontal impacts using the CHILD dataset and an analysis of side impacts using the combined CHILD and CREST database. This analysis report provides the most recent and comprehensive European study of accidents involving restrained children in cars. The report is available to inform the scientific community and the public about the circumstances in which restrained children are injured in more severe car accidents.

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