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D13a: Experimental test results on misuse of CRS (report-PSA)

This document is reporting results from an intensive testing programme on the decrease of efficiency of child restraint systems due to misuse. This deliverable is the compilation of reporting test results per misuse situation, of course, the effect of misuse can differ from one seat to another, due to design or material characteristics.

An "ad-hoc" group including partners from the CHILD Consortium (PSA, RENAULT, VSRC, TRL, FIAT, Applus+IDIADA, INRETS, Chalmers, FTSS, TNO), and partners from outside the CHILD Consortium decided to work together in order to share experiences and to improve their knowledge about the CRS misuse.

The way the ad-hoc has been working is based on exchange, of expertise and points of view. This represents different interests and approaches, to write a synthesis document on the effect of misuse in terms of child protection. A large dissemination of knowledge gained within this ad-hoc group is planned.

The use of a car environment was often necessary to be as close as possible to the real life accident conditions. Only single misuse configurations (no combination) were considered for the moment and testing was base on volunteering according to the interests of the different participants. The test matrix, rather large and containing more than 80 misuses configurations was not completed but about 80 tests having been performed, representing 60 different misuse situations and compared to the standard installation.

The group has been also working on interaction of CRS's with airbags and advanced safety devices but the test matrix was not yet completed. The group hopes to complete the matrix and make publications on the subject.

Results dissemination:
The dispatch of knowledge of this group is important for the improvement of the situation of children transported in car. The activity of the group has been presented on different occasions with different public and different approach of the problems. In addition technical groups dedicated to the improvement of child safety (ISO, EEVC) are informed of the work of this ad-hoc group on misuse.

Main conclusions are that misuse situation is never safer than the normal use but seems better than no restraint at all. Misuse represents a high risk of additional injury for different body segments. That's the reason why the data coming from this ad-hoc group are available for education and training in the public area.

According to the quality of the results obtained in the first phase, it is important to bring continue bringing new knowledge in the field of misuse and the corresponding danger for children. For this, test matrix for frontal impact could be completed by new test series, the work on advanced devices interaction with CRS should be enlarged and lead to a publication on the subject, and a similar work should be initiated on the effect of misuse in side impact.

In addition the introduction of new items like psycho-sociological analysis of misuse should bring new ways in the understanding for the public of the importance of misuse. This will be only possible by the enlargement of the number of partners in the ad-hoc group.

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