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CEUBIOM Résumé de rapport

Project ID: 213634
Financé au titre de: FP7-ENERGY
Pays: Hungary

Periodic Report Summary - CEUBIOM (Classification of European biomass potential for bioenergy using terrestrial and earth observations)

The overall objective of the project was to develop a common methodology for gathering information on biomass potential using terrestrial and earth observations. The methodology to be finalised was characterised by the extensive use of EO and spatial data. The objective was to propose a methodology framework to derive theoretical potential in a harmonised way throughout Europe followed by a step-by step processing of this information to derive bioenergy potentials. This objective was achieved by the implementation of a systematic assessment work plan and will result in the establishment of a harmonised approach and an e-training tool for dissemination. The e-training environment is expected to become an important tool for reaching the much-needed European harmonisation, whereas a Stakeholder Platform will facilitate discussions and access to information on reliable and common datasets on biomass potential and as such it will offer a more efficient use of the available European biomass feedstock. The project thus:
- Develops a common methodology for gathering information on biomass potential using terrestrial and earth observations.
- Uses e-technologies for disseminating information, best practices on the use and applicability of developed harmonised methodology.

CEUBIOM has an exclusive focus on national-level assessments although it is expected that the methodology to be proposed will have wider application potential. The project does not attempt to produce a single methodology that is to be used in all future biomass for energy assessment practices, but rather it will propose a uniform solution on how national-level bioenergy assessments should be carried out. These objectives will support efforts by the European Commission in having comparable datasets on a European level.

Activities during the second year focused on methodology-design activities related to the assessment of existing methodologies in use both as terrestrial methods and those that include satellite remote sensing. The CEUBIOM framework for a harmonised approach has been developed based on results during the previous year and activities in WP4. The identified user requirements were matched with the methods available for combining Earth Observation and terrestrial inventory data, based on which a concept for a harmonised approach for biomass assessment is being developed. The concept will take care of already existing inventory data derived from European, national and regional inventories as well as of the potential synergies between information that can be derived from Earth Observation data and the already existing inventory data collected in the field.

In addition to synthesising European research on the field of EO/biomass project, the Consortium explicitly considers it to be its mission to raise awareness of the scientific community to new EO/biomass applications. Therefore work during the second reporting period also included the setting up of appropriate communication channels towards the stakeholder community in order to reach a high level of awareness for the project objectives and interim results. The main tool for this has been the project website, which has both an extensive public section with information for visitors and a well-working intranet for the exchange of files and information within the Consortium members. A platform has also been developed that will act as a forum for learning, interaction, bringing up new ideas, helping European researchers staying at the forefront of European research. The feasibility of using e-solutions in training and dissemination is strongly underlined by the specific qualities of the main target groups. There is a very strong awareness especially among the EO Community for the need of continuing education - "lifelong learning" -, taking up new developments and a general positive attitude towards science and technology.

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