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INDUMAT Report Summary

Project ID: 17240
Funded under: FP6-NMP
Country: Romania

Final Report Summary - INDUMAT (Strengthening of the RDI potential for advanced materials and composites to enhance the performance of the electrical industry)

The INCDIE ICPE-CA Bucharest was founded in 2001 and became a national institute in 2004. ICPE-CA split from a big research institute specialising in electrical engineering and active from the 50s.The main activities, focused on electric engineering technologies and materials, include research projects and various services for SMEs (consulting, design, training, technology transfer). The institute's philosophy is to respond to the industry demands, supporting the requirements of industrial beneficiaries. The research laboratories of ICPE-CA were active in the Priority Areas 3, 5 and 6 of the Sixth Framework Programme. ICPE-CA needs to strengthens its position as the most important RDI player in the field of electrical engineering materials for Romania, through developing a new generation of materials, in order to design and to manufacture new advanced components and devices and finally to be integrate into the ERA. The INDUMAT aimed to reinforce the ICPE-CA RDI capacity by improving the infrastructure and improving the excellence, in order to participate in EC Framework Programmes.

The specific project objectives were:

- To improve the infrastructure
By endowing ICPE-CA with scientific equipments of the latest generation, with high impact in the improvement of the research capacity in advanced materials for electrical engineering. Better equipment for us means strengthening the RDI potential of ICPE-CA, improvement of research excellence, enhanced networking.
- Improvement of the excellence in research
Scientist training in famous foreign excellence centres from Member States, hosting of scientist from abroad to held lectures about specific problems in material science, in order to assure the access of the researchers to the newest scientific information's.

- Promotion of young researchers
To assure the continuity of the activity in ICPE-CA, a better occupation rate of the young generation, avoiding the brain drain abroad, to exploit the initiative of young high educated people creating a more attractive research environment.

- Dissemination of the research results
The significant scientific findings, achieved by the ICPE-CA from important research project are disseminated at significant international conferences and by publication in the open literature. All publications are acknowledged of European Commission via the Sixth Framework Programme. At the national level were organised scientific conferences. The significant technical research findings, achieved by the ICPE-CA from research projects are disseminated at significant international exhibitions. Round tables were organised to develop scientific and technological partnerships with domestic and Member States partners and to promote best technological achievements which can be transferred in the industry.

Developing connections with industry advised by panels with members from university centres, other research institutes - potential powerful tool to make investment in the research more attractive to business while also benefiting public research. Improvement of joint research, development and innovation (RDI) activity with Romanian and European universities.

Higher scientific level, proposals for joint research work with Romanian and European universities. For reaching the project objectives, the best approach is to mobilise already existing and emerging human and material resources in order to create synergies and additional momentum.

The potential impact of the project consists from an economic impact and a scientific impact. The economic impact consist from performing technical results promoting new technology transfer, a better intellectual property rights (IPR) management and on the other side the scientific impact emerge from increased knowledge, and involvement in EC Framework Programmes. The impact of the EU specific support actions enabled by this project, exceed our expectations. Therefore, this project increased the capacity of INCDIE ICPE-CA to achieve the fully capability to promote an active RTD based on a people focused knowledge management. The realisation of the full potential research of the INCDIE ICPE-CA's science and technology potential create the premises to became a highest quality research centre in Europe.

By this support action INCDIE ICPE-CA became active in to diminishing brain drain by hiring young graduated people. It created better working conditions, better carrier opportunities and more facility to access scientific information and hi-tech infrastructure. To be employed at INCDIE ICPE CA represents a real opportunity for young people. A reinforced human research capacity gave us a well trained research staff which can carry out a high quality research activity, a better regional human research capacity required in national research programs and an improved capacity to participate in Seventh Framework Programme projects.

Development of research strategies were created on the premises for technological transfer and potential powerful tool to make investment in the research, more attractive to business while also benefiting public research. This will continue and increase in the future.

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