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Final Activity Report Summary - PEAT (Policy, economics and appraisal in transport)

The objective of the PEAT training site was to create a pool of skilled transport economists, transport policy experts and experts in transport scheme appraisal who are well equipped to pursue careers in transport practice, local or national governments. This was in order to address a shortage of people in industry and academia with expertise in the general transport economics and policy field. The site has been successful in recruiting 8 Fellows who have followed a mixture of doctoral research training, training in specific technical areas and development of generic skills.

The specific research topics addressed by Fellows have had a broad scope and covered the following themes: industry structure (for rail), socio-economic appraisal (especially equity and environmental concerns), methodological developments (in valuation, fuzzy logic, freight modelling, demand modelling) and policy development (urban distribution and sustainable policies). The concrete outputs of the research have included new models, methodological advances, policy developments and evidence from case studies and trial applications of the research.

A total of 78 conferences seminars and workshops have been attended by Fellows, a wide range of other networking activities have also taken place and over 79 technical or generic training activities were undertaken. In addition to award of 3 phd qualifications, a further 3 thesis are in the process of submission with the expectation of award of Phd. Fellows were actively encouraged to participate in wider networking activities, particularly in forming links with professional associations, linking with stakeholders in industry and forming networks with esteemed academics in the field. A total of 25 specific networking activities are reported and the fellows have formed a network of associations with their peers across Europe.

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