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Final Activity Report Summary - SENSING FORUM (Forum scientium sensing science early stage research training centre)

The Marie Curie Early Stage Training (EST) Centre "Sensing Science" started 1 September 2004. It was built on two existing organisations. Forum Scientium (founded 1996) that is a doctoral programme within Life Science Technologies and Biomedicine with an emphasis on Sensing Science, and S-SENCE (founded 1995) that is a Swedish Centre of Excellence in Bio- and Chemical Sensor Science and Technology.

After four years it has provided 17 fellows from Europe and other parts of the world in total 188,5 months of research training. It has been a so called mono-site where all training has been done at Linköping University in Sweden. All Marie Curie fellows were under their research training periods members of the doctoral programme "Forum Scientium". Of the 17 fellows 12 were women and of the 188,5 months used 125 was retained by the women.

The research within the centre has had a multidisciplinary approach to scientific questions within the sensing science area. One of the most positive outcomes from the programme is the vast network created by the 17 Marie Curie fellows, the around 80 members of the doctoral programme Forum Scientium, the around 250 members of the respective research groups at LiU plus the members of the research groups of the host organisations.

Of the 17 accepted fellows 5 came directly from a Master exam and started their PhD-studies during (one fellow) or after (four fellows) their training period at LiU. 12 fellows were already accepted as PhD-students at another university outside Sweden and made a part of their research training at LiU, Sweden. Of the twelve fellows six have now finalised their research training with a PhD-exam, and the other six will do so within two years.

The fellows have in total published 52 refereed articles in internationally approved scientific journals. Of these the Sensing Forum fellows were first author on 25. They have also communicated their results at conferences by contributing 24 oral and 45 poster presentations.

The fellows came from Romania, Lithuania (2), Germany, India, United States, Switzerland, Italy (3), Poland, Spain, Philippines, France, United Kingdom, Russian Federation and Israel. The contacts between fellows from so many different countries signify the vast and important network built by the centre.

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Linköping Unversitet
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